The Concept of school schedules depends on the activities and the school periods’ distribution according the time unit used (week). It also can distribute teachers according to their schedules completely and fairly. It can also distribute the schedules of the schools’ curricula among several equally

Why Schedule ?

The automatic organization of schools’ schedules and given precise and clear results can add more transparency to the work. Moreover, it can limit the embarrassment caused by the teachers and students or even parents.

The Schedule System is based on many criteria and references of logical formation of the system which made it progressive in a simple easy way and very flexible when these criteria are changed according to the work requirements.

Schedule Targeted Sectors ?

More than 30 000 Public Schools and National Schools

A Brief about the (Schedule) System:

The(Schedule) System hasoffered many options and great flexibility in the automated process of schedules’ executing in many different educational environments in addition to many other features like

The Schedule system can be attached to the (Sign in and Sign out) finger-print system.

System’s review option, and results modification of many possibilities for one condition without affecting the criterion or the reference applied.

The distribution of scientific and literary curricula and the activity classes according to schedule in a suitable way.

The fair distribution of teachers’ schedules according to the time and number of periods.

The Schedule System offers an atomization that can display all possible conditions, if a conflict occurred, and offers options to help you resuming the schedules’ building up.

A curriculum hours’ distribution taking into account the number of hours specified for every curriculum in one day.

Easy and effective application interfaces that can be displayed in Arabic or English.

The Schedules’ System abilities of modification and development according to work and the clients’ desire.